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Evaluate Your

Use evidence-based approaches to identify direct and indirect impact of funds - understand and maximise the full impact of your programmes at a faster pace.

Track in real time the outcomes, outputs, benefits, ongoing support requirements and conduct econometric assessments of your business clients using our comprehensive validated impact framework. 

Create control groups, conduct surveys, capture the latest data, import pre-existing data and use economic datasets to create real-time dashboards to make informed decisions.

Control Group Creation

Create a control group of similar companies, weightings and process can be altered based on the conditions of each business and programme - to support econometric and difference in difference analysis.

Economic Assessments - comprehensive framework

Utilise our validated impact framework with over 300 data points to track the progress, impact and outputs of businesses, tracking financial and non-financial impact measurements

Real-Time Dashboards and Visualisations

Visualise the latest business data, identified control groups,  survey responses and imported data in real time. When changes are made, new versions of the analysis are generated and the dashboards automatically update.

Track Businesses

Create a list of businesses and track changes in location,  status,  websites,  investment,  R&D,  directors,  finances.

Visualise information captured in the Xpand Business Profiler and create impact visualisations quickly.

Outcomes, Outputs & Benefits

Consistently track and measure the outcomes, outputs and benefits that have been generated from investment from public sector backed funds using the comprehensive industry standard framework within the application, use default templates to identify impact.

Track clients ongoing client needs and requirements

Identify who is need of additional support using the latest financial data and client preferences. Build a comprehensive record of the needed support and funding that each client is seeking and understand the barriers businesses face.

Multi-stage Data Capture

Import and capture data points across multiple timeframes - ask different or the same questions on multiple occasion to give a comprehensive time series evaluation of the changes in different variables.  Incorporate public data,  existing evaluations and survey results to give an ongoing comprehensive evaluation.

Industry Standard Template Questions

Utilise our question framework - from over 5 years of research working with over 300 organisations to identify questions which are compatible with best practice guidelines.  Supporting reporting into UKRI and other UK government reporting frameworks.

Import pre-existing data and economic datasets

Import historic datasets,  work with existing data files,  survey results and industry level economic datasets - to build a comprehensive report and evaluation. 


Utilise our question framework - working with over 300 organisations we identified questions which are compatible with best practice guidelines.

5 years of research


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