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Setup & Run Programmes Faster


Setup & Run
Programmes Faster

Setup your own white-labelled application - start engaging with businesses and stakeholders - everything needed to run public sector-funded projects

Your clients access their own dedicated app to receive information about events, funding and notifications

Use industry-standard template questions, data processing / sharing agreements and terms & conditions for faster project kick-off.

White Labelled Application - start running initiatives faster

Have your own white-labelled version of the software in a few hours - engage with businesses and stakeholders and start your projects at a faster pace.

One platform & account to manage all activities involved in delivering funds, support and events.

Promotion, Recruitment, Shortlisting, On-Boarding, Engagement, Tracking, and ……… , all handled through one platform.

Integrate with existing applications (Additional costs may apply)

Optional integration with existing CRM,  Domains,  Single Sign On,  Web Tracking tools or content databases can be procured and integrated through our extended support packages for larger scale implementations.

Dedicated Business App for your clients

Your clients will receive as dedicated business app for on-boarding, assessment questions and their own tailored support and events platform.

Industry standard question templates, terms and conditions, data use and sharing agreements

Save significant time by using and adapting our template impact questions, onboarding workflow, terms and conditions and data use and sharing agreements. Adapt them as needed with guidance available from the Xpand team.

Weekly tailored email of support & event recommendations

A tailored email is built each week for each user, based on their specific setup and requirements - Scored recommendations are sent in 2 weekly emails - covering the top 10 tailored recommendations for each business - plus an opportunity to include prioritised promoted content.

Setup basic / complex programmes with multiple partners

Run programmes ranging from one day workshops through to yearly multi-partner engagement projects. Grants, Innovation Challenges, Innovation Loans, Hackathons, Working Groups, Ecosystem hubs, Innovation Projects all in one place.

Track what users view and like.

Track the activity of your users, what they want, what they have been searching, engaging with, favouriting and what they are specifically searching for support surrounding. Build relevant propositions and programmes based on the needs of the community.

Sign up with a secure account

Your business clients can create their own secure account for engaging with your team.  Users create an account on the application via a tailored workflow - which is white labelled to match your organisation's colour and brand guidelines.  This is provided by default for all clients.


Xpand uses 300 different data points surrounding business performance, R&D innovation, actions towards growth, and sustainability,  and has enabled the development of one of UK's most comprehensive support & funding databases



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